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Fidelis Royalty Group LLC

About Us

Fidelis Royalty Group drives long-term returns on investment through hands-on operational expertise and a partnership approach. We combine over 75 years of investment and money management experience. FRG has been a cornerstone within the energy industry, with experience that includes direct participation in oil and gas working interest, mineral rights, oil field services and oil reclamation. Most significantly, we are investors with a real world understanding of what is required in a successful investment. Our goal is to provide a unique, yet simple, straightforward approach to investing.

"Established to align like-minded individuals with industry level opportunities." -FRG Mission

"We treat our partners with the highest degree of respect, honesty and professionalism." -FRG Values



Our Services

Yen Bills and Coins

Alternative Investments

Discover the financial benefits of alternative investments with our team's professional care.

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Tax Advantages

Invest in oil & natural gas today for premium tax advantages and financial incentives with our expert accommodations and services.


Why Choose Fidelis Royalty Group

FRG specializes in providing premier exploration & production services to qualified individuals and institutions.

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